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C-Street Art Collection Plan Interest Form

  1. C-Street Art Collection Plan Interest Form

    In August of 2021, City Council approved a $40,000 Tax Increment Financing (TIF) allocation for new artwork for the Commercial Street Historic District. 

    The City of Springfield, in partnership with stakeholders and subject matter experts, will develop an Art Collection Plan for the district, which already benefits from a variety of art curated over the years.

    The purpose of the plan is to guide new art acquisitions, rotating pieces and exhibits and deaccessions. The current C-Street collection will be included in the plan. The plan will summarize how to develop and refine the existing collection, identify gaps and major areas of focus (priorities for acquisitions) acting as overarching guidelines for art in the public realm of C-Street.  

    The City is looking for interested C-Street stakeholders to participate in the process of developing the Art Collection Plan. Once a plan is drafted, there will be several widely publicized opportunities for the general public to provide input via various means beginning this fall. 

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  3. Thank you for your interest!

    We will follow up with you via email as we begin the process and schedule our first planning sessions.  

    For questions, please contact Olivia Hough at [email protected]

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