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Give 5 Non-Profit Application Form

  1. Give5

  2. Is this the same address where the Give 5 class is to be delivered? If no, please indicate address below.*

  3. Is your organization located within Greene County?*

  4. Alignment With Community Priorities*

    It is the City’s intention to focus the Give 5 program toward non-profits whose mission aligns most closely with the following community priorities. Please indicate which of the following community priorities your organization aligns (select all that apply):

  5. If your organization is selected to participate in the Give 5 program, a representative from Give 5 will work with you to outline your intended “hosting time” when each Give 5 class is delivered to your organization. Your organization will likely have 20-30 minutes with each class. The class size will be no more than 25 members. It is the City’s intention that your “hosting time” be informative, engaging and, if possible, interactive. We encourage you not to place the class in a room and “talk at them.” This is your organization’s opportunity to put your best foot forward to explain what you do and any volunteer opportunities you have that might appeal to the class members.

  6. Within the list above, which three are your organization’s areas of greatest need?*

  7. All members of each class will be provided a binder of information about each of the non-profit organizations they will be visiting. Do we have your permission to include in the binder any information you provide on this form?*

  8. It is the City of Springfield’s intention to track the effectiveness of the Give 5 program over time. Selected non-profits will be asked to provide statistical information (number of volunteer hours worked per Give 5 volunteer) and a brief anecdotal report via email every six months. If selected, does your organization commit to providing this information every six months? *

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