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Public Works

  1. Central Street Phase 2 Contractor Plan Comment Card
  2. Drive 25 Program

    Fill out and submit this pledge to commit to safe driving behavior and receive a free decal.

  3. Hampton Avenue Stormwater Improvements Plan Contractor Comment Card
  4. Jordan Creek Regional Detention Basin Plan Contractor Comment Card
  5. NeighborWoods Tree Permit

    Fill out the tree permit completely. Upload your site map.

  6. Seminole and Nettleton Stormwater Improvements Comment Card

    Comment Card to gather feedback from the contracting community regarding preliminary plans for the Seminole and Nettleton Stormwater... More…

  7. Tree Registry
  1. Cherry and Pickwick Intersection and Traffic Calming Contractor Plan Comment Card
  2. Grant and Norton Stormwater Improvement Construction Plan Comment Card
  3. Jordan Creek Box Culvert (Phelps and Boonville) Project Plan Comment Card

    Comment card to collect feedback on preliminary plans from contractors before projects are put out to bid.

  4. NeighborWoods Questionnaire
  5. Right-of-Way & Excavation Permit City Utilities Close Out Form

    Contractor will complete and submit form when their work is complete and ready to be inspected. The City will then do final inspection... More…

  6. SGF Yields Citizen Action Group Interest Form

    Form for those interested in participating in the SGF Yields Citizen Action Group.