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Momentum 2019: State of the Workforce Single Ticket Registration

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  2. Event Details:

    Join hundreds of area employers, community stakeholders and executives for our fifth annual Momentum: State of the Workforce Luncheon on Wednesday, February 20, at the White River Conference Center inside Bass Pro. Lunch will begin at 11:30 a.m. We will release the findings of our fifth annual State of the Workforce survey, along with a keynote speaker presentation.

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    Please select one and remit payment of $30 according to the instructions below.

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    Upon completing this form, you will be directed to the City of Springfield ePayment site to collect payment. You can create an account or bypass this by clicking "Pay Without Registering". You will receive an email receipt. You may also mail a check to the Missouri Career Center, c/o , Finance Department 2900 E Sunshine St., Springfield, MO 65804. Please make checks out to 'City of Springfield' with a memo of Momentum.

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    Please email Katherine Trombetta at if you have any additional questions regarding the event or your registration.

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    Have you taken the Momentum: State of the Workforce Survey?

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    How did you hear about the MOmentum: State of the workforce Survey/Luncheon?

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