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* City's Recycling Centers

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City's Recycling Centers accept: (See site-specific chart below)

  1. Franklin Avenue - 731 N. Franklin (No seasonal Sunday peak hours)
  2. Lone Pine Avenue - 3020 S. Lone Pine
  3. Yardwaste Recycling Center - 3790 S. FR 119, Brookline 65619

Rec Center Checklist

****Our two sites at Franklin and Lone Pine only accept LIMITED QUANTITIES of brush and yard waste. An honor fee of $.50 per bag is suggested for city residents, and $1 per bag for outside residence. ("bags" are based on 32-gallon trash bags)

****Bundles of brush must not be more that 18" in diameter, with branches less than 2" in diameter, and cut no longer that 4' in length. Limited to 2 bundles per day.

****Grass and Leaves are limited to 10 bags per day.

****Two of these sites will NOT accept loads from commercial haulers or lawn services. (The Yardwaste Recycling Center will accept large quantities)

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For questions, please call the Recycling Hotline at 864-1904.


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