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1. Why did the City of Springfield adopt the Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011?
2. What does the Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011 say?
3. What is the purpose of the Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011?
4. What are the benefits of a smoke-free workplace?
5. Did the Smokefree Air Act of 2011 repeal the city's prior smoking ordinance?
6. What businesses and enclosed public places are impacted by passing the Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011?
7. Who will enforce the Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011?
8. What should I do if a patron / employee smokes in my establishment?
9. Show How will an enforcement agent determine that a business is complicit instead of trying to stop a smoker?
10. What information is needed for a complaint to be prosecuted?
11. Will video or photographic evidence of smoking be acceptable?
12. What is the penalty for a violation?
13. How many tickets can be issued to 1 person or business in 1 day?
14. At what point will a business license be pulled?
15. Who should I contact if I have a question or a complaint?
16. What is defined as an enclosed area under the ordinance?
17. How many walls define an enclosed area?
18. For a patio, does a half wall qualify as a wall?
19. For a patio, does a security chain link wall qualify as a retractable wall disqualifying the area as a smoking area?
20. Is a gate a door?
21. If a restaurant builds a covered patio for smoking and puts in awnings or wind shields, does the patio become an enclosed space?
22. What is the definition of a "public place"?
23. What is the definition of a "place of employment"?
24. Are e-cigarettes allowed in the Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011?
25. Where can I find more information about the definitions in the Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011?
26. Are there any other areas where smoking is not regulated?
27. Can actors smoke on stage if the script calls for it?
28. Are private residences affected by the Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011?
29. Is smoking prohibited in a home that is used for a licensed business, such as an Insurance Broker, Real Estate, Tax or other legally-authorized home businesses?
30. Is a telecommuter prohibited from smoking in his home?
31. If my house is considered non-smoking and I go into my open garage to smoke, is that illegal?
32. Is a home a place of employment when service workers are present, such as housekeepers, plumbers, electrician, contractors etc.?
33. Is smoking prohibited in homes where home health care is being provided? Is the home then a place of employment under the Smokefree Air Act of 2011?
34. At what point is a home or building under construction changed from open air to enclosed qualifications?
35. Do I need to post “No Smoking” signs?
36. Where can stickers for no smoking in cars be purchased and at whose cost?
37. Is a special size or sign required?
38. Is specific wording required on the sign?
39. How will complaints against out of town based company vehicles be handled?
40. Do I need to tell my employees about the Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011?
41. Is renting a space in a beauty parlor self-employment under the Smokefree Air Act of 2011?
42. Can there be a smoking area in the building where no customers are allowed where the self-employed hair stylists can smoke?
43. If a hotel room can allow smoking because it is a private residence, shouldn't smoking be allowed in every hotel room while it is considered the private residence under this law?
44. If I have a home health care worker at a hotel, do I have to choose a no smoking room?
45. What is considered a "playground" under the ordinance?
46. Is the pool area within an apartment / community complex considered a no-smoking area under the smoking ordinance?
47. Is each business tenant (owner of such business) also required to post signs within the office suites?
48. Show Is a non-smoking sign required to be posted on all company vehicles, even if they are outside Springfield? Is smoking prohibited?
49. Do signs need to be posted on employee entrances, shopping entrances, back doors, or just public entrances?