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1. How can I get a birth certificate?
2. How can I get a death certificate?
3. How long does it take to receive a birth or death certificate?
4. Is the first certificate free?
5. What payment methods are accepted?
6. Where do I go to get my birth certificate interpreted from Spanish to English for a driver's license?
7. How can I get my child's last name changed? I am married to the father now and want to put his name on it and have the child's last name changed to his.
8. How do I add the father's name to my child's birth certificate? We are not married but we want to add his name.
9. There is a misspelling on my child's certificate, what do I do?
10. How can I get the father's name off of my child's birth certificate?
11. I have a copy of my birth certificate but it does not have a raised seal on it. Can you just stamp the seal on it for me?
12. I am doing a genealogy study, do you have records in your office I can come in and look at?
13. I need a long form birth certificate that shows I have American Indian heritage. Where can I get one?
14. I have had a baby at home. How do I get a birth certificate made?
15. Do I need my birth certificate to get a social security card?
16. Why do I need to purchase a birth certificate?
17. Can I use VitalChek to order a certified photostat copy of a birth or death certificate?
18. Where do I get an "APOSTILE"?
19. What do I need to get my birth certificate?
20. Who can get a death certificate?
21. Who can get a birth certificate?
22. I filled out the form at the hospital. Why haven't I received a birth certificate?