Transportation and Infrastructure Needs Survey

The City of Springfield is seeking feedback from citizens in the form of a survey on a proposed list of improvement projects and potential programs to be considered for future funding through the City’s tax funds. Voters approved the ¼-cent Capital Improvement and 1/8-cent Transportation sales taxes in 2019 with a 20-year sunset. As promised, the City is bringing a proposed list of projects forward for public feedback.

The survey includes a project map and short descriptions of the full list of projects. It asks citizens to prioritize the improvements they think are most beneficial to the community, offer guidance on the amount that should be invested in certain city-wide programs and provide any additional comments they might have. The survey is open to anyone who lives, works or otherwise visits Springfield and uses the City’s transportation system and facilities.

Click to take the Infrastructure Survey online
The survey will be available Aug. 23 - Sept. 6

Paper copies of the survey are available at the Citizen Resource Center, inside the Busch Municipal Building Lobby, and at all Springfield-Greene County Library branches through Sept. 6. 


Learn more about projects completed through the 1/4-cent Capital Improvement and 1/8-cent Transportation sales taxes.

Projects completed

Map of 2023 Proposed Projects


The City identified 26 proposed projects using the following criteria:

  • Increased safety for all users
  • Support of economic development
  • Protection and enhancement of the environment and quality of life
  • Enhancement of quality of place
  • Intermodal connectivity
  • Condition of the infrastructure
  • Opportunity for public and private partnerships
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of the system  

Other factors included in the consideration of projects and programs are City department and partner agency assessed need, continuation project status and equitable geographic dispersion. City/agency need is determined by City departments and partner agencies who assess other variables that may impact the project’s overall benefit to the community. 

Complete the Infrastructure Survey online through Sept. 6.