Idea Starter Submission Form
City-County Task Force

Springfield and Greene County residents are invited to suggest ideas for discussion at future task force meetings by filling out this Idea Starter form. Submissions will be accepted August 1-21, 2013.

Ideas will be forwarded to all members of City Council and the Greene County Commission for their consideration. If a Councilperson or Commissioner is interested in an idea, it will be endorsed ("sponsored") and forwarded to the task force.

Note: Since this information is being forwarded to elected officials, all submission information is considered a public record and will be made available to the media and public.

To avoid duplication, before submitting a topic for consideration, please review the topic list below the form. These have already been assigned to the task force.

  • County's fiscal crisis
  • Criminal justice issues (including jail overcrowding)
  • Unfunded environmental mandates
  • Stormwater funding
  • Increasing employee and dependent healthcare costs
  • Employee recruitment/retention/compensation/levels (current and future)
  • Unfunded capital needs (various)
  • Lifecycle capital replacement costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Facilities for courts (circuit and municipal)
  • Public health funding disparity and service impact
  • Public trust
  • Communication with citizens, including a need for more civic engagement
  • Growth planning
  • Economic / Business development
  • Information systems
  • Explanation/Clarification of shared services
  • Functional consolidation possibilities

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