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Thank you for the interest you have shown in your neighborhood by contacting the Service Request Division in the Department of Public Information. We will route your concern to the appropriate department for resolution and contact you, if desired, when we receive information that your report is being closed. In most cases, status information will be available within five (5) working days.

Service Request Details

Enter the address of the property you are calling about. If you don't have the address, please describe the property in the Situation box below and include any identifying information you think will help us locate the property. If it is a street intersection, enter the cross streets in the situation box below. Let us know what side of the street the property is on and what direction (east, west, south, north) it is from your property or another landmark. If it is on the corner, indicate that it is at the SW corner of Springfield and Talbot. This is the most important factor in solving a problem, so please be as specific as possible.

Address of problem 

Describe the problem you are reporting. If you are reporting an abandonded vehicle you might tell us, "There's an abandoned vehicle, a yellow Volkswagen, near the 1400 block of East Springfield, in the eastbound lane close to Springdale Street." If you are reporting trash, you might tell us, "There are approximately 50 trash bags that have been at 1452 East Springfield for approximately one month."


Contact Information: Your e-mail address is required and will only be used as a way to contact you to clarify the details of your service request, if needed, and to inform you of the request status. You may remain anonymous by leaving all other fields empty. Call 864-1010 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday for closing information if you don't provide contact information.

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